Lamb Lovers

Hi Maree Just a little note to thank you for our delivery and let you know that it is fabulous. Again, we are so impressed with the quality of the meat and love being able to buy happy little, organic sheep from you and support your business. It's all just divine.Thanks again and we look forward to working our way through our deep freezer to our next order.

Kind regards, Amy & Damien via email

WOW! Maree and Andrew, thank you. We are very much enjoying our lamb and kicking ourselves we didn't get a full one first up. The meat is delicious. You should also know that Ian is a great ambassador for your business. He was just lovely and spoke highly of you both and your product. We'll be back!

Amy via email (Brisbane)

Living in Western Queensland, I've eaten a lot of lamb and mutton over the years. I have found the Silverwood Organics lamb absolutely delicious and as good as I've had anywhere - the home delivery makes life easy as well. I would recommend this service to everyone.

Bill via email (Longreach)

Thank you for a lovely evening in Brisbane last Thursday. Everything - the food, wine and company - was perfect. You should be very pleased & proud. We hope the Food/Wine show was successful for you.

Brian & Heather via email

Tastes great, as good as I have ever eaten. Knowing that it is certified organic and the actual farm it comes from is great piece of mind to me....... My normal side by side frigde/freezer easily swallowed up all I had, which was over 20kg of meat. I am definitely re-ordering in the March delivery...  And yes Damien did re-order in the last shipment. 

Damien via email (Gold Coast)

Hello, I just wanted to say that we bought your lamb roast pack at the Noosa Food and Wine Festival. It was delicious!

Thanks again, Danielle via email

"One word, three syllables - A–MAZE-ING!!"


Hi Andrew, Maree and family, our most grateful thanks for including us as your guests at Brett`s Wharf last evening, we enjoyed meeting you and your clients, your informative background to the business and of course the food and drinks.

Regards, David and Mary Lawson via email

Just wanted to let you know, we had the rack of lamb last night and it was the best I've ever eaten. I've eaten in some of the best restaurants in Australia and this was superb.

David via email (Gold Coast)

Hi Andrew & Maree,Just wanted to let you know we purchased some "Silverwood Organic Lamb" at the Noosa Food & Wine show last weekend after having a taste test at your stand. We had some for dinner last night and it was an absolute winner. The meat was delicious and lovely and tender. We are looking forward to a lovely winter meal of lamb shanks.We think you & your family are doing a fantastic thing by offering "organic" lamb AND delivering to our door step. We wish you all the very best with this venture and wish you every success at the EKKA again this year.My only complaint is that there were no left overs for lunches the next day !!!! Just too nice.

Kind Regards, Debbie sent via email (Sunshine Coast)

Hi Maree and Andrew, Have received our first order of Organic Lamb and it has truly lived up to expectation. We shared the package with our children and they agree with us that it is the best lamb they have ever eaten. The sausages taste ' fantastic ' just like real sausages tasted in the 'old days '. We will reorder again soon after we receive your reminder note. Thanks again for the great, great taste of Organic Lamb !

P.S. Hasn't all the rain been great!

Elsa and Renzo via email (Toowong)

I am loving trying out all the bits of lamb I would never normally buy! Say bye bye to pork ribs, lamb ribs is where it’s at!


I thought I would congratulate you on a great product you have produced and delivered to our door here in Brisbane....The Silverwood Organic Lamb! It has been delicious and particularly full of flavour and tender.

Gina via email (Brisbane)

The best lamb we've ever eaten! Hi Andrew and Maree, I've been meaning to send you a quick email to say thanks for the fantastic lamb. We had the most delicious lamb roast on Sunday, the lamb was incredibly tender and very, very tasty.Lamb shanks tonight!

Helen (Brisbane)

The lamb has been beautiful, We have enjoyed the rolled peice and will be saving the leg for boxing day with family coming from interstate, so I am sure they will be all drooling from the mouth.As for the cake which you kindly added it is YUMMY. 

Jo & Bluey via email (Brisbane)

I had never been much of a lamb eater until I tried the Silverwood Organics lamb, I have now had it 4 times and will never look back! Yum Yum!


We just ate roast leg of lamb that we bought from you this morning at the Southbank regional food fair. It was superb, the best roast lamb we've had for ages. Thanks so much!

Judy via email (Brisbane)

Thank you -- our very first lamb pack arrived safely on Wednesday (hopefully the first of many!).   This morning my husband cooked sausages on the bbq for breakfast -- delicious! and we had leftover sausages with veggies from our garden and organic brown rice (pre-soaked for 24 hours) for our evening meal.  Really wow.

We are very much looking forward to exploring the packages of lamb, and also exploring some of the recipes you have kindly provided on your website.

Thanks again.  An altogether fantastic service -- from the amazingly informative website, the delivery, the packaging, and the meat itself.  Really terrific.

Julie Caboolture

Hi Andrew just had to tell you we just had to cook some sausages for lunch. We were so amazed at the tenderness and flavour. Seriously I only knew organic is better for you but my husband has just said that would have to be one of the best sausages he has ever had. Me too. Should have cooked myself one more at the time. Well done. Regards Kathy and Mannix

Kathy & Mannix via text (Brisbane)

Mondays at our office have become ‘Lamb Day’, where each week we bring in a different, delicious meal using Silverwood Organic’s lamb! It’s amazing how many ways lamb can be cooked and taste fantastic each time! Highly recommended. 


Hello I just wanted to say how thrilled I am to have discovered your lamb. I bought a roast from the Northy Street markets to try a while ago and had my first box delivered this week. I wasted no time cooking the shoulder for a dinner party, it was a raving success!!   I feel so privileged to be able to buy your lamb, thank you for making such a beautiful organic product available. I have been telling all my friends and passing on your website information as its just too good to keep to myself. Congratulations on your success, you have a very satisfied customer here.

Best Wishes, Lauren via email

Loving the Silverwood Organics lamb! I’ve enjoyed 4 meals so far featuring Silverwood lamb, each a different cut and each one worthy of the  “foodgasmic!” label.  I can’t wait to try the rest of the pack and will be sure to place my order for another pack on the next run. 


A big thank you to you and your lovely family for another perfect delivery of extraordinary quality organic product.Also, thank you for the generous Christmas cake gift.I am enjoying a piece with coffee as I type, and knowing it was made by people and not machines makes it all the more delightful and nourishing.

Luisa via email (Brisbane)

Hello Maree and Andrew, Thank you for yesterday's delivery of the Gourmet pack.  I wanted to say how delighted I am with the new pack.  The subtle changes make a huge difference and give me so much more flexibility in planning meals for myself and George.  I've spent the morning making curried lamb rissoles, lamb and fetta rissoles (to pop into the freezer for a later date) and after raiding the herbs outside I'm about to make a double batch of herbed lamb red wine casserole.  In addition to the very tasty lamb, this new mixture is just great.  Thanks for putting it together. 

Kindly, Monika via email

Maree and Andrew, Thank you, thank you for the lamb. We had a sausage (to taste) on Friday night and the leg last night. It was absolutely delicious and so tender and tasted like lamb used to. Had it cold for lunch today and enjoyed it again. We are now looking forward to the rest of the cuts.We will be regular customers from now on.Once again thank you very much.

Paul and Mary via email (Brisbane)

Hi Andrew and Maree,

We received our lamb pack today and I just wanted to say thank you very much - we baked the cutlets tonight and they were absolutely delicious, definitely taste different to what you get in the supermarket!!

Thanks again, Rachael (East Coast)

Dear Andrew and Maree, My husband and I are absolutely blown away with the flavour and the quality of your product. Fantastic. We loved it all. I had the 10kg pack and I will do the same in the August order for Sunshine Coast.One of my favourites were the sausages. They were really meaty. Do you put above the normal percentage of meat in them. Seemed much more meatier than a butcher variety.Thankyou so much for a job well done.Regards Rachel

Rachel via email (Sunshine Coast)

Hello Maree and Andrew and family,Suddenly a week has flown by and I am just getting to write our thanks to you for your generous hospitality at Brett's Wharf Function Room for the superb lamb tasting last Thursday. It was great to meet you both in person and to watch the participation of your girls in the family enterprise. We hope that you had a good reception at the Food & Wine Show – when we went by there on Friday there appeared to be good customer interest. On the Saturday I received a phone call from a friend, who was standing near your stall at the time, to check with me that Silverwood was the lamb I had talked about, so that she could try a pack. So we hope the word is spreading for you.Once again thank you.When our Nick tries the lamb shanks in his new pressure cooker I will be in touch to let you know how it goes.

Every Best Wish, Raylee and Bob sent via email

Have just ordered another half lamb as we enjoyed the first one so much! We think the whole concept is terrific and having the order delivered to our door by a very friendly couple was great!

Robert and Michelle via email (Brisbane)

Hi guys it's your number 1 fan here again. Sorry i've taken so long to reply after the last box arrived but i've been stuck in a severe state of MEAT BLISS! That last box was extra awesome. I can't tell you enough how much you helped us out by chucking in those extra pieces and just making everything in the box HUGE! ANDREW AND MAREE AND THE ENTIRE CREW YOU ARE ALL CHAMPIONS!! We appreciate everything you guys do to produce such spectacular meat. I think my firends and family are getting sick of hearing about this incredible meat they all get to miss out on, they live down in freezing Victoria haha. Ian informed me there are 4 delivery dates left for the year. We'd like to be included in each one please. A half gourmet pack will be enough each time unless we can scrape together some more dosh. I'll organise the cash transfer for the 2nd of Sept delivery. I hope we are not too late. Look after yourselves guys

Roscoe #1 FAN sent via email

I have so far bought 2 deliveries of Silverwood Organic Lamb, and the taste is amazing. We did a taste test with Silverwood lamb and another from a big chain supermarket and the Silverwood lamb unanimously won hands down....we all picked the organic lamb immediately. The service is fantastic...door to door, ready to eat or pop in the freezer. No more chemicals - HOORAY!!

Sally via email (Gold Coast)

Dear Andrew and Maree, I wanted to congratulate you for producing such fine meat and with an organic philosophy. Every time we use a particular parcel of lamb, it's always tender, moist, succulent with such a beautiful flavour - sorely lacking from commercially bred lamb. I am incredibly impressed with the amount of meat of the lamb shanks, which I made into a Moroccan Lamb Soup today. Nothing comes close to the flavour. Let me assure I reccomend your product as often as I can. I'm happy to be an ambassador for such fine meat.

Susan Stubbings sent via email

We loved the lamb, thankyou. We were just discussing (over braised Silverwood lamb shanks) last night, about re-ordering. Please put us down for another half pack. PS..Love the service!

Tony via email (Brisbane)

Dear Maree and Andrew, Thanks for the latest lamb pack. This is the first time we have received your organic lamb and we have been very impressed by the taste and the quality. I have passed your website details onto our families and encouraged them to make an order.

Regards, Wendy via email (Albany Creek)