A bit of school holiday action from the farm

We love it when we get our kids home for school holidays.  They definitely take advantage of sleeping in and home cooking for the first few days, then the whip starts cracking and its out into the paddocks.  Hamish has been helping Andrew with mustering and drafting. Some cattle work, also building a new fence line, repairing the air conditioners and most importantly catching up with his mate "Charlie" the border collie and his Longreach friends.

Libby has been helping in the vegetable garden and making some tomato chutney with the very abundant tomatoes!  The tomato chutney recipe that I have used for years is courtesy of friends of my Mum and Dads.  It always turns out beautifully and I love the spice mix in this one!  I haven't found a purchased chutney that matches it. Volbon's Spicy Tomato Chutney recipe is in my recipe book page for you to make use of, I highly recommend it. 

The social outing for the weekend was a trip to the Longreach races and a chance to dress up and catch up with friends. 


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