Family Ties

Andrew is lucky coming from a large family.  The youngest of 5 children and fourth generation to graze "Westfield".  There are often times when Andrew requires more than my help with the stock work.  I am quite capable helping with drafting and yard work, however if it is a job requiring more muscle power then Andrew relies on the help of his Father John and Brother Jim, and this year (in his gap year) nephew Richard. This help is reciprocated if Jim needs an extra pair of hands. Photo below shows the three generations.

Gone are the days when properties employed a couple of young jackeroos, a nanny or governess and maybe a handyman/gardener.  Family properties now rely on themselves and maybe contract workers for the busy stockwork periods.  The negative side to this is that Andrew works long hours and can become overwhelmed with the number of tasks needing to be completed.  The positive side is that we don;t have anyone else living with us and therefore providing meals for.  Watching my Mother-in-law feeding workers alerted me to the fact that this was nearly a full time job.  If I still had to do that it would be impossible for me to spend the time running the website side of Silverwood Organics.  We  still stick with the tradition of tasty smokos whenever the family come to lend a hand.  Andrew gets quite excited at the prospect of sausage rolls, a cake or warm muffins. Compared to the cost of contract workers, a couple of freshly cooked smokos is a small price to pay. 


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