Secret Recipe from Simon McAllister of Brett's Wharf!

We really enjoyed meeting lots of customers at our Lamb and wine evening at Brett's Wharf.  The canapes were really delicious, my two personal favorites were the Braised lamb spinach and feta Borek, and the seared lamb fillet with burnt carrot, labneh on toasted brioche.  Simon McAllister has kindly let me coerce the recipes from him. Braised lamb, spinach and feta Borek recipe now on the website.

The Lamb inside the borek has been braised for 12 hours and I think is what really makes this canape.  I think you could make much larger serving sizes of this and have as an entre or main.

The seared lamb is a real chef tip. The fillet has been wrapped in gladwrap to keep it's shape during part of the cooking process.


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